The project for Vidima, a European manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, is an example of integrated approach to rebranding, when multiple factors and elements are combined to support and multiply each other’s effect, to form a comprehensive and holistic brand perception.


Five years ago, the Vidima brand virtually monopolised the Russian market in the category of inexpensive yet high-quality faucets for bathrooms and sanitary ceramics. However, since numerous Chinese and Russian brands entered the market and offered cheap bathroom fixtures of poor quality, Vidima has experienced a dramatic drop in its market share. To regain its competitiveness, it had to convince customers of its product quality and oppose it to the numerous competitors flooding the market.

Mildberry developed a new platform as well as a communication strategy for the brand. The last one was conceptually founded on the key competitive advantage of the brand — product assembly in Europe, using key components manufactured in Germany by Ideal Standard, a global company. Reasonable RTBs formed the cornerstone of all communication means, from advertising layouts to package. New visual identity of the brand also supported key communication concepts: absolute reliability, functionality and manufacturing in Europe.


As a result, the Vidimа brand significantly increased its sales and restored its leading position in the Russian market of bathroom fixtures.

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