The world is now changing more rapidly than ever before in human history. The way how people perceive and consume information, products and services is changing too. Marketing and business approaches that work today will no longer work tomorrow.
For many decades, investment in the development and creation of strong brands has served as the strategy basis for most companies.
Amid new realities the achievement of competitive advantages requires to go beyond conventional approaches and to expand known toolkit. Strong brands remain the main asset, but objectives related to building unique customer experience are becoming increasingly important. Such experience allows building long-term relationships under ever-changing conditions, uncompromising competition, as well as actively developing digital media and digital technologies.
Creating unique customer experience is a challenge that requires consolidating many competencies and bringing together professionals that can develop and implement integrated technology solutions.
Mildberry is an international, cross-functional, decentralised team that brings together experts in brand development, brand strategies, design, and communication. We develop brand-building solutions that help our clients to engage more effectively with their target audiences.
We work globally as a cloud business. It means that we operate flexibly beyond physical office spaces, utilising a single digital platform where we are united by common professional standards and managed by international project leaders. This approach enables us to reduce infrastructure costs and invest in the quality of our developments. With access to the most talented individuals worldwide, we remain adaptive, multicultural, and capable of rapidly forming local teams to serve specific markets.


Mildberry Brand Consultancy was established in 1999. In the period from 2003 to 2009, Mildberry founded offices in London, Brussels, Milan and Dubai. In 2014, Mildberry won large contracts in China and one year later opened offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Today Mildberry provides services in Russia and globally, investing in unique expertise, which goes far beyond conventional branding.
The information about our projects and cases available at the website is only a small part of what we can publish. We’d love to share more details about our services, opportunities and know-how during personal meetings and presentations.

Our services

Strategy & analytics

• Brand audit
• Markets and competitive environment analysis
• Product and services strategy
• Brand strategy, brand positioning and brand platform
• Brand architecture
• Retail brand strategy
• Brand assortment strategy
• Brand communication strategy
• Content strategy
• Customer experience management strategy

Branding & design

• Consumer brands
• Corporate brands
• Retail branding
• Private labels development
• Naming and verbal identity
• Design Strategy
• Visual brand identity development
• Packaging Design 
• Brand book & brand guidelines
• UI design
• App Design
• 3D visualisation
• Motion Design