Mildberry’s team transforms the communication of the Timotei Men shampoo product line with a focus on potential growth.


Unilever, a world’s leading manufacturer on FMCG market, aiming to increase the market potential of its men’s shampoo product line, sought expert support from Mildberry. The agency’s team had to transform the communication of the Timotei Men shampoo product line to make meaningful product attributes equally effectively communicate with different groups of target audiences – both men and women buying for men, thus allowing the brand to achieve desired growth rates in this niche.


Leveraging a powerful potential of the brand and their strategic expertise, Mildberry together with Unilever completely optimized communication and rebranded the Timotei Men shampoo line with a focus on “male” brand attributes, such as virility, persistence and perseverance. They are expressed in the new package design using the relevant “male” visual codes – sought on the shelves by women, who are known to be common buyers of men’s cosmetics and care products.


The Timotei Men line is made up of five products: Cleanliness and Care, Boost and Power, Anti-Dandruff Intensive Treatment, Sports Active 2 in 1, Chillness and Freshness shampoos.


The project was implemented as a part of a long-term partnership between Unilever and Mildberry.

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