The OPTINOL® brand is one of the priority brands in the Yadran OTC portfolio. In recent years, the “dry eye” problem has increased significantly, which in turn has led to an increase in the sales and the emergence of new players on the artificial tears market.


The OPTINOL® brand needed a change in the visual concept to clearly differentiate the product on the shelves and build consumer confidence.


The Mildberry team has been working with the manufacturing company for several years and knows that for YADRAN each product is, first of all, a contribution to improving the quality of life and health.


Taking care of yourself and your eye health is easy if you choose modern, reliable medicine. And OPTINOL® is exactly that — an easy-to-use, safe product, designed according to the most stringent modern criteria, so the consumer can be sure of the best choice for maintaining eye health.


The drops in the package design developed by Mildberry went on sale in 2019. And today, for millions of people who find themselves in isolation and spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, OPTINOL® has become a real salvation.

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