Myasnaya Liga: a pragmatic brand for hard discounters

The impact of the pandemic and the inevitable need for savings is making the hard discounter format more and more popular with the Russian consumers. Following the European expansion, hard discounters are also increasing their presence in Russia.
The key factors in the formation of low prices in hard discounters are a limited assortment, a high share of private labels, saving money on employees, reducing the cost of decorating retail spaces and equipment for displaying goods – products are mainly offered in pallets. Despite the focus on low prices, hard discounters form their own pragmatic context, which ought to lead to the emergence of new brands, allowing to choose quality products at the best prices.

Together with Mildberry, Rusagro, a leader in the Russian agricultural sector, has created a new meat brand, Myasnaya Liga (“The Meat League”), for sale directly at hard discounters. The Mildberry team developed the brand concept, name and label design. Myasnaya Liga is an honest and straightforward brand of meat products that combines quality attributes and a reasonable price.
The core of the target audience are hard discounters, regular visitors, practical and rational buyers: their basket consists of economy brands, they are attracted by promotions, and the price-quality ratio of the product is much more important for them than the power of brand recognition.
Myasnaya Liga’s quality pork products have already appeared on the shelves of the Svetofor, Chizhik, Pobeda, Gulliver, Tamerlan and Radezh retail chains.

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