Dramina rebranding. A new visual identity 20 years after

For a number of medicines, there is no separate category in the pharmaceutical market. For instance, medicines for the prevention and treatment of motion sickness are often placed next to indigestion medicines and consumers perceive them as homeopathic products. Such an ill-defined market positioning strategy, the absence of a separate segment on pharmacy shelves and the rather impulsive nature of demand make it difficult for the brand to communicate with its consumers. What Jadran, Dramina’s manufacturer, asked Mildberry to do, was to correct the brand visual communication strategy and make the image of the product more visible, understandable, and meaningful.


Dramina is the first medicine in the Russian market for the prevention of motion sickness in both adults and children. The product was launched in 1998 and still maintains its leadership in the segment with a market share of 83%.


Until now, the brand has not changed its original visual image which has certainly lost its relevance in two decades. The company decided to go through a dramatic renewal.


For the project, Mildberry’s experts have created a new packaging design concept — modern, striking, informative, and trustworthy. The new design clearly reflects the context of the product use, its purpose and age range. While developing the Dramina for Kids packaging design, we emphasised that it belongs to children’s medicines and thus is absolutely safe to use.

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