Deco. is a beauty accessories brand represented in 222 Podruzhka stores in nineteen Russian regions. Today, Deco. produces 10 product categories of professional makeup accessories.


“DECO has been present on the Russian beauty market since 2016. And from the moment we made it to retail shelves, we, the DECO. team, paid special attention to the needs of our customers, trends and industry innovations. This is how we built a dynamic brand that constantly communicates with its audience. And the rebranding is a movement towards customers, positive changes.”

Alyona Soklakova 
Private Label Category Manager

Statista estimates that the global beauty market will generate over $500 mln in revenue in 2021. Every day, new trends emerge that develop into global tendencies that affect brands’ behavior and consumer preferences. A wide range of offers on the beauty market generates a buyer’s request for personalization. Deco.’s rebranding is a response to current customer needs through brand transformation.

The updated visual strategy opens up new positioning opportunities: not just to renew the brand, but also to transform it into a full-fledged brand community that unites beauty industry professionals from across the country.


It is the consumer’s wish and the constant dialogue through marketing communication tools that have become the root of the new image formation. Today, tens of thousands of people follow Deco. accounts and feedback and shared opinion from the community is what allows us to improve existing products and create new ones.

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