“Verhovye” is a dairy brand developed by Mildberry for a business alliance of X5 Retail Group and Nesvizh Baby Food Plant.


Consumers usually associate quality of dairy products with its shelf life and farm production. But what are the real reasons for quality in the dairy category?


Everything starts with milk. Many think that milk is the same everywhere, but that isn’t the case: there are different classes. The production of high-quality milk is a difficult and expensive process that not every farmer can achieve. The idealistic image of well cared for cows on a sunny field is just that, an image, and it doesn’t verify the quality of milk. It’s often just an illusion that hides the absence of a modern and technologically advanced process of milk production.


The next part of the production process is the technology for the production of dairy products that comply with the most strict standards and certifications. Nesvizh Baby Food Plant’s technology and equipment are so advanced that only the highest grade of milk “Extra” is suitable for it. This allowed the factory to get certified as the baby food plant. And that is also the reason why the Nesvizh Baby Food Plant uses milk only from accredited and trusted farmers, which invest into the production of quality milk and participate in joint programs in developing the technology of production.


Lastly, the way the product is delivered to the store, the speed with it appears on shelves, and the temperatures and sanitary conditions of its storage are crucial for the quality of dairy products. X5 Retail Group is the leader in grocery retail and thus it took full responsibility of all of these steps.

farm to shelf

The traditional model of cooperation between farmers, dairy producers, and grocery retailers is complex and has a variety of risks. However, the model developed by X5 Retail Group and Nesvizh Baby Food Plant is capable of having full control of production and the movement of the product from the farm to the shelf.


Technology and well-organized business processes can achieve a lot, but the most important part of any process is people. People are responsible for quality. Their attitude towards their job is key in delivering the best product to the customer. Thus, responsibility is the essence of the brand “Verhovye”, developed by Mildberry.


We proposed to make responsibility a part of the technological process, or rather, make responsibility be a technology in of itself — the technology of responsibility is a standard that allows to control the quality, obtain the best milk, convert it into healthy and tasty high-quality products and deliver them fresh to consumers. The technology of responsibility from the farm to the shelf is in the DNA of the “Verhovye” brand.


X5 Retail Group and Nesvhizh Baby Food Plant managed to unite all of the steps under the singular process and made the brand promise “responsibility at every step of the way” possible.

“Verhovye” are products created together by farmers, producers, and retailers that united to control the full production cycle from the farm to the shelf and provide consumers with the best quality dairy produce.


We developed a brand communication platform that unravels the idea of “responsibility” through demonstration of the full production cycle and the delivery of the product to consumers. It puts farmers, producers, and vendors as the main protagonists, heroes, that are united by their responsible attitude towards their job. The key brand message “responsibility at every step of the way” can be easily modified into a variety of other messages, slogans, and headlines. Each message has not only the same beginning, but also has own continuation that allows understanding of the context of the situation, specific people, and the exact advantages.


“Verhovye” is responsible for every good morning, every spoon filled with yogurt, every berry added to it, and every litre of milk. It’s responsible for your family, your health and your good mood.

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The project was developed by
Mildberry team
  • Project leader
    Oleg Beriev
  • Creative director
    Igor Mospanov
  • Design Director
    Anastasia Igolnikova
  • Art Director
    Ivan Zherebin
  • Designer
    Anastasia Igolnikova