The establishment of the “Velikoslavich” brand is the first launch of Savencia Fromage & Dairy, a French food company and one of the world leaders in dairy production, in the Russian market.


The food import ban was followed by significant changes in the structure of the cheese market. The majority of players in the segment of premium “flavour” cheeses disappeared, as most of them were indeed the imported brands. This opened up an opportunity to launch a local brand which would satisfy the demand in a product with a more refined and pronounced flavour, for those occasions when you want the taste to be a special treat. Mildberry consultancy was responsible for the development of a new brand.


Our main task was to create a full-on premium brand image with noticeable Russian roots that would reflect the key aspects of the product: rich and complex flavour, and a unique recipe for each cheese type. The refined flavour and unique approach to recipes are reflected in the concept “cheese as art”. The design was based on the classic motifs of Dutch still lifes, which helped emphasise the exclusive gastronomical value of the product and gave the packaging a special aesthetic appeal.


“Velikoslavich” has already entered the stores and has also been awarded the Best New Brand of 2018 at the Russian largest dairy festival “Molochnaya Strana”. Savencia Fromage & Dairy called “Velikoslavich” an important launch which will be followed by further expansion of the company’s presence in the Russian premium cheese market.

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