Unprescribed rebranding:
new packaging for the Hexoral®
medicinal line

Today, Johnson & Johnson products are sold in 175 countries: the company owns sanitary, medical and pharmaceutical brands, one of which is the Hexoral® line of broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiseptic medicine.


The Hexoral® brand team and Mildberry agency carried out a comprehensive update of the entire product line. Today, the brand’s portfolio includes four sore throat products, available in two formats: aerosol and lozenges of various effects.


Hexoral® is an over-the-counter medicine, so it is especially important for the brand that its packaging makes it stand out on the chemist’s shop shelf and in online pharmacy catalogs, and also provides enough information about the medicine’s purpose, characteristics and method of use.
According to Deloitte, in H1 2020 alone, the internet medicine ad market in Russia grew by 43%, which increases the need for a visual solution that will work better than the competitors in the digital space. The main task of the updated design is to convey the effectiveness of the medicine and to relay the main benefits to the buyer as accurately as possible, since the consumer chooses an over-the-counter remedy on his or her own.


In the coming months, the new design of the Hexoral® drug line will be available in pharmacies throughout the country.

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