Ural Bank for reconstruction and development

For one of the Ural’s largest banks, Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD), rebranding became a necessary phase in its general development strategy. Shifting from corporate clients to consumer banking, expanding the network of branches and range of services (including innovative ones) and doubling the number of clients—all of these tasks demanded a radical facelift for the bank.


Mildberry became a strategic partner for the bank in its large-scale and long-term rebranding project. The UBRD was determined to walk away from the rational and rigorous image and to evolve into a friendly, and open-minded institution, which guides its clients through the world of finance.


The bank’s positioning was determined, comprehensive visual identity branches’ interior and exterior solutions were developed, including working out the brand’s technological and constructive elements in detail. It was the design and equipment in the renewed bank offices that had to serve for the consumer as a noticeable and convincing demonstration of the bank’s modernisation.


First of all, UBRD’s visual language was changed: a conservative logotype and bank markings are replaced by a completely new image – bright, open and friendly. The traditional name of the bank remains the same, but its positioning is adjusted. Bright colours and contemporary design solutions which are supposed to build and strengthen in the consumers’ perception an image of an open, clearly communicating and contemporary bank are used in its renewed visual style.

The base for the new logotype is a Roman monogram with Ural Bank’s abbreviation — UB. The basic colour, a deep red, continues the previous visual style. The bank’s dynamic, friendly and contemporary image is supported by a system of colours and their ideal combination. For better usability the brand’s colours are divided up into three groups: the basic, additional and technical colours.


New branches’ interiors and fittings development became the important part of re-branding project. UBRD offices’ space arrangement concept was totally re-developed.


Internal zoning oriented towards solutions of the tasks of various clients was created. These zones include a 24-hour ATM zone and payment terminal, a self-service zone with access to Internet banking, a children’s corner, and a waiting room where one can drink coffee.


Many innovative solutions were used to equip the bank branches: applications filled out by the ‘wonder pen’ which immediately transfers the information into the computer thereby decreasing the time needed to file documents. Interactive tables and touch panels are set up in order to help clients access their most up-to-date banking information.


A contemporary and comfortable space in the bank’s branches laid the foundation for new communication.

The flagship branch, the first with this new style, opened up for clients on Malysheva street, 53. The service standards established at this bank will be applied at other UBRD commercial venues. It is planned that 550 bank branches across the country will be rebranded within the next two years. UBRD became the first regional bank, which surpasses the level of comfort and equipment used at many European banks. It has raised the bar for the whole consumer banking industry in Russia.


We would like to thank our colleagues from UBRD and web-portal for the photographs supplied.

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