Over the past few years, dairy brands both on the international and Russian markets have been particularly interested in the modern dairy category. Seeking to further increase value, the category is rapidly developing at all levels: we can witness brands introducing unusual product innovations, looking for new packaging solutions and testing bold visual directions to stay on the same wavelength with modern urban residents who consciously approach their diet but at the same time are open to experimenting with everyday products.


Dmitrogorsky Produkt trading house is part of Agropromkomplektatsiya group of companies, which currently ranks second among the most efficient agro-industrial companies of Russia. Designed to house up to 6,000 cows, the dairy cattle breeding complex of the Group is located in an ecologically clean area in the Tver region. The company’s portfolio under the brand Iskrenne Vash (Sincerely Yours), which was developed by Mildberry in 2008, offers products in the traditional dairy category as well as in the yogurt-dessert group.


The Iskrenne Vash brand has expanded its functional and dessert lines of products available on the market by introducing a unique baked milk yoghurt with a high amount of cereal for a hearty snack, healthy desserts with exotic ingredients such as mango, passion fruit, chia seeds, coconut, caramel, lychee and guava. The brand line includes unparalleled drinking yoghurts made of baked milk, soft and grained flavoured cottage cheeses, probiotic yoghurts as well as a unique layered fermented baked milk with various supplements.

Switching focus
on experience
consumers themselves

In the light of expanding the brand’s range of products, the Iskrenne Vash team has returned to Mildberry, seeking its assistance with highlighting the yoghurt and dessert line in the product portfolio of the brand and finding a new and original voice for it.


The new visual image of Iskrenne Vash primarily indicates the shift of its focus from the quality of the dairy products, which today is a basic characteristic that goes without saying, to the experience of consumers themselves. It was important for us to seamlessly integrate the brand into people’s everyday lifestyles and correlate it with their value preferences,

Igor Mospanov
Creative Director of Mildberry

The concept combined the high quality of dairy farming with the positive mood of active life in the city. The brand’s range architecture is based on the emotional benefits you can gain from its products: the product matrix has been divided into independent lines of melted yoghurts Energia S Toboy (Energy with You), Greek yoghurts Otdykh So Vkusom (Leisure with Taste) and soft cottage cheeses Vkusnoye Nastroyeniye (Delicious Mood).


The new products of Iskrenne Vash are already available in the stores of federal networks, in addition to being sold by online retailers and the manufacturer’s own network of farmers’ shops Blizhnie Gorki.


In February yoghurts and cottage cheeses produced by the Iskrenne Vash brand won the highest awards for product quality at Prodexpo 2020.

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The project was developed by
Mildberry team
  • Project leaders
    Anna Khokhlun
  • Creative director
    Igor Mospanov
  • Design Director
    Anastasia Igolnikova
  • Art directors
    Antonina Shvets, Ivan Zherebin
  • Designers
    Antonina Shvets, Ivan Zherebin, Elena Sharaeva