Gracio juice: the value of pleasure

Mildberry created a visual identity for Gracio juice brand, which belongs to Kazakhstan company RG Brands.


Gracio is a premium product and one of the major players at Kazakhstan juice market with a share of 29%.


The brand was launched in 2003 with a quite provocative for Central Asia positioning — Temptation of Real Fruit. Although over the past 10 years the product has been positioned as a source of pleasure for true hedonists and self-indulgers, its visual identity hardly reflects brand’s personality.


Additionally, In 2014 a lot of Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers entered Kazakh market. In comparison to competitors Gracio package design looked obsolete and required a revamp.


In order to synchronise visual and communication elements of Gracio and to make the product stand out on the shelf RG Brands applied to Mildberry. Within the project the agency developed a new visual identity, which emphasises the premium character of the product and reflects its positioning and communication strategy.

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