The birth of a global brand

The PepsiCo representative office in Great Britain came to Mildberry with a task to develop visual identity and a package design for T-Fusions, the new Lipton ice tea brand to be launched first on the European market and in perspective — on the world market. This task seems evident after a successful co-operation between the Russian PepsiCo representative office and Mildberry under the project for creating and launching Lipton Nature Green for the Russian market. This is a unique case for the industry when a Russian consultancy has been tasked to create a new brand to be launched on the world market.


The project has been completed by the beginning of 2012 and already by the middle of the year the new product already hit the Belgian, Dutch, Swiss and French markets. In 2013 T-Fusions will emerge in Great Britain. The future plans for the brand include making its way onto the Brazilian and Australian markets.

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