Talan is a national development company that operates in fifteen Russian cities and whose global mission is to develop the Russian regions and improve the quality of life in Russian cities. When people are looking to buy an apartment what they are interested in is not just the statistics of the property but also good views from the windows, a well developed local infrastructure, availability of all the modern amenities, clean yards, ease of access by all modes of transport and availability of rest and recreation areas. It is often the case that people who seek a more modern and comfortable life leave regional cities and move to Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Talan is convinced that a good environment and modern amenities not only improve the quality of life but change the people, helping develop and improve regional cities and reducing emigration from them.


Two years ago Talan teamed with Mildberry to re-brand, a project that involved upgrading the key meanings of the brand and development of a new system of visual identification of the company that better reflects the values and principles of the brand and the company.


The first property that Talan created under its new and improved upgraded brand was a new residential estate in Tver comprising more than 30 buildings. All the key principles of the company manifest in the new residential estate. The new estate is not just a collection of apartment blocks but an entire ecosystem that aims to help its residents lead a more comfortable life and let them know they are being cared for: closed courtyards with no cars, playgrounds for children of all ages, sports and recreation areas, improved apartment plans, innovative technologies and a central boulevard. The company also joined forces with the city’s government to develop new public transport routes and build a new school for the new residential estate (regarding the school the jury is still out). Mildberry became Talan’s brand partner on the project.

Situational analysis found that most other developers only talk about the basic properties of the estate and their aesthetics but hardly ever mention the intangibles that people often put a lot of stock in when looking for a place to live. We put forward a positioning concept called My Estate. My Life whose main idea was to shift the focus from talking about the quality of the properties to talking about the quality of life and through that stress the uniqueness and significance of the new estate. Talan’s new property in Tver is a new self contained well appointed residential estate with its own infrastructure, a high level of security that aims to transform the way people view living in Tver and become a catalyst for development and renovation processes in the city. The name we chose is New Tver and it clearly and concisely communicates the main idea of our concept thus allowing us to position the new property in the city in the correct manner. When developing the visual concept we used the upgraded visual system of the Talan brand and filled it out with local features to stress the company’s ties to the city. Thus the New Tver logo features the well known Afanasy Nikitin monument, one of the most recognisable symbols of the city.


New Tver is a unique project that is rather unusual for Tver, whose mission is to reinvigorate the city.

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