Currently, the Russian development market is undergoing significant transformations caused by several factors including the state of the Russian economy, changes in legislation and the development of digital technologies.


Most Russian real estate development companies begin their transformation with marketing and communications, because these are the most understandable areas for change. Previously, companies sold a beautiful dream, now the industry has begun to think more about the end consumer in the real world.
But some Russian developers go even further. They try to look into the future and imagine what the whole industry will have in store, how it will change over time. For them, it is obvious that the very essence of business development will change, and the transformation needs to start right now. Companies like Talan are already redesigning their processes to create a new business model.


Transformation is always a difficult process that contains a large number of risks – companies and people have a difficult time changing. That is why the key task of leaders is to consolidate the team around common meanings and intentions during the time of change. And this is where branding offers effective tools.


“A brand is no longer a set of constants, and a brand strategy is no longer a tool for managing stability and consistency of communications. The brand has a new mission – to provide change management, consolidate and unite the company around common meanings and learn how to translate these meanings outward, interacting with audiences in a constantly changing environment”, says Mildberry CEO Oleg Beriev.
Since 2001, Talan has been operating at the federal level, while maintaining regional presence wherever new projects are launched. Today it is Izhevsk, Perm, Naberezhnye Chelny, Ufa, Tyumen, Tver, and the geography is constantly expanding.


The rapid growth of the company and many internal transformations required new tools to manage the communication and changes launched within the company.
At the first stage of the Mildberry project, a brand strategy was developed, and then it was embodied in a system of visual and verbal communications that will help solve the strategic tasks of the company.


“Care for the people in native cities” is the main idea of the Talan brand. This capacious phrase contains key meanings and, in fact, formulates the brand strategy. The world does not stand still, technologies develop, but value strategies create a qualitative basis for development and implementation of changes. The communication strategy developed by Mildberry allows you to efficiently manage communications both at B2C and B2B levels.

The transformation strategy continues with the transformation of mobile and stationary sales offices. The welcoming space and informal atmosphere help create a quality environment for interacting with consumers.


This interaction naturally develops as part of the new Talan world, that everyone can become a part of and the essence of which are good neighborly relations, an active lifestyle and comfort in details. The transformation strategy is quite a big step on the part of the company, but the ambitions of the team inspire confidence that Talan will become one of the brightest examples in the growing wave of changes in the Russian market.


Welcome to the world of Talan!

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