How can product innovations win the attention of a consumer who has seen and tasted almost everything? Can salty snacks brands still make bold statements on the shelves of supermarkets and marketplaces? Mildberry team tackled these challenges within a project to create a new colorful potato chips brand Spikes, resulting in development of a brand strategy, name, and packaging design.

More than just a crunch

In the mature market of potato and corn chips, competitors are trying to attract attention through seasonal flavors or experiments with shape, more natural healthier formulations and craft launches. Communication is dominated by fun, socialization, hedonism, and teenage mood. However, global consumer trends show an increased interest in new impressions not only from taste, but also from unfamiliar textures and even the color of the product.

Spikes innovative chips are colored with natural additives and come in unusual flavours: duck with wild lingonberry sauce, hot chili sauce, balsamic vinegar and salt, jalapeño & cheese.

The experiment

Prior to the concept development, Mildberry team conducted an experience test in one of the co-working spaces. We invited representatives of the target group from the office community to try the new chips and answer a range of questions. This helped us find out their opinions and impressions of the product during an informal open tasting.

The key insight gained from the qualitative research was the wow-effect of combining bright hues and unconventional flavors. This prompted the development of the double impact concept: the unity of emotions from provocative design and impressions from an unexpectedly colored product.

Color and taste manifest

Spikes are naturally colored potato chips for bold experimenters who are not afraid to try new things. It is a loud manifest of bright colors and unusual tastes, a real dare and an alternative view of potato chips that will leave no one indifferent.

Spiky word

The name Spikes conveys exactly the crunch of chips, but at the same time it differentiates itself from competitors and reflects spicy flavors by its meaning.

A hero with a character

In the design, the name is emphasized with the image of the charming crocodile Spikesy. This toothy representative of wild fauna has a bold character and always plays by his own rules. Crocodile Spikesy offers young innovators to try unexpected tastes of the colorful chips on the shelf. The brand’s hero is not only an element of packaging design, but is also the basis of graphic language, developed for communications in digital channels, souvenirs, and other promotional materials.

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