Sokrassol: a new look on old traditions

Today, it is not enough to come up with a fresh idea for business – it is necessary to make sure of its economic feasibility, strategically justify the idea for partners and distributors, and conceptually – to end users. After having successfully completed the first stages, the team of the new brand in the market of non-alcoholic beverages Sokrassol has requested us to perform an expertise. Thus, an ambitious start-up related to the introduction of a home-recipe beverage to the mass market has joined the ranks of innovative brands in the project portfolio of Mildberry.


Sokrassol is a non-alcoholic beverage of an unusual recipe, created on the basis of a mixture of vegetable and fruit juices, brine, and spices. Its idea is to revive the invigorating taste of home brine in the new reading, combining classics with modernity, and a traditional homemade receipt with a progressive formula of production.


The Mildberry team has developed a visual identity and package design for the new brand with a focus on the consumer momentum and wow-effect, at the same time, focusing on the young audience that is open to new, but still appreciates authenticity.

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