Smiletime. Happy moments wafers

Founded in 1924, the Spartak factory is one of the largest confectionery producers in Belarus. Given its strong position on the local market, the company is intent on expanding its presence and entering the Russian market with a line of wafer bars.


Mildberry’s task was to create a new brand that could consolidate its hold among modern wafer bars and occupy a strong position both on the Russian and Belarusian markets.


The situational analysis conducted by us revealed that the confectionery shelves today are mostly full of products with obscure concepts, so the main competition is taking place between packaging options and taste varieties. Wafer bars are starting to compete with chocolate and other bars, included in the category of sweet snacks—a market with many strong players with well-targeted marketing concepts and federal budgets.


Consumers of wafer bars represent a broad spectrum of the population, from small children to successful specialists, from students to responsible parents, from schoolchildren to people of mature age. Some want a tasty snack, while others are looking for something sweet with their tea. It was, therefore, crucial to find a concept that would allow us not only to combine different consumers with a universal and clear idea, but also to expand the potential consumption situation from traditional tea-drinking to a modern and convenient snack.


In every-day life, the audience often lacks bright and positive moments. Consumers tend to look for an easy and positive way to lift their spirits and have a tasty snack. Wafers are a familiar treat, which have been with us since childhood, giving us happy moments in a variety of quite simple, but enjoyable life episodes.


The concept created by Mildberry positions the new product as a companion of happy moments, which accompanies every person in his or her daily life, adding optimism and lightness. The name SmileTime directly conveys the key idea of the brand and creates a positive mood. The diversity of tastes and potential consumption situations is represented through a distinct visual concept, where each taste corresponds to one of the original emoji of the brand.


SmileTime wafer bars are all about being in a good mood, a simple way to bring joy to yourself and your loved ones, and an abundance of ordinary but happy moments.

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