Slovo myasnika grill: coals, meat, barbecue

Mildberry is completely reworking the Slovo Myasnika brand—a key meat brand in the Rusagro portfolio. The new Grill line has been developed in anticipation of the 2020 summer season—it was a portent of things to come.


Rusagro is the Russian agriculture industry leader, securing its position with reliably high quality of their products. Rusagro’s Slovo Myasnika brand offers consumers fresh meat produced, grown, properly cut and packaged in Russia using the best European equipment. Every stage of manufacturing and delivery is closely monitored—that’s how the company can be sure that it provides only the freshest products on every store’s shelf.

Grill season

Company’s 2020 business goal is to strengthen its position and increase the share of Slovo Myasnika brand in the market of semi-finished meat products. This goal has transformed into a complex marketing task: to launch a new grill line, to stand out visually among the competitors emphasising the brand’s expertise and positioning as well as to expand the brand’s target audience by attracting young consumers. The dialogue with this new audience starts with barbecue products: shashlik, sausages, ribs, steaks—all the things that Russian consumers (and especially younger ones) love to cook over the fire when they go out into the countryside.

Slovo Myasnika met the grilling season (which peaks around the second half of spring and early summer in Russia) with a new range of products with updated design: these new offerings are perfect for grilling them over hot coals or cooking them at home. The new line is designed to attract two segments of consumers: people who used to buy other brands and people who have never bought ready-made barbecue products before (non-users).


Detailed analysis of this category enabled us to develop the tools to create high-quality visual differences that distinguish Slovo Myasnika among its many competitors. The brand became more expressive, more noticeable, more laconic—it started talking to the customers in a modern visual language that completely foregoes excessive conservatism and vintage aesthetics. To retain our loyal audiences, we achieved continuity that flows throughout the Slovo Myasnika line that connects it to the brand products that people know and love.

The design of this new line of products is a reflection of the brand’s positioning and its DNA—an honest master of his craft who is 100% confident in his product and its quality. Every element—from the silhouette of the plant to the product group—communicates a sense of pride we have for the product and for the production process.


We have foregone stock imagery in favour of a custom photo set, resolving several issues at once: firstly, it highlighted the consumer-facing authenticity and transparency of the brand when it comes to taste and quality; secondly, we maximised the gastronomic attractiveness of the food zone, making it look like the meat has just been taken off the grill; thirdly, we offered a simple and illustrative approach to product lineup navigation by using different angles and different grilling instruments (tongs, skewers etc.). There are 14 SKUs in the Grill lineup at the time of launch. As the brand develops, more will be added. For that reason, we took special care to help our customers to navigate the multitude of our products and make their choice effortlessly—in this project, this was a priority for us.


The new Slovo Myasnika Grill line was presented at Prodexpo, the main Russian grocery expo. Partnered retailers expressed their interest in the new line, remarking that it had a lot of potential. These products are already in stores all over Russia.

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The project was developed by
Rusagro team
  • Category Director
    Mikhail Glukhov
Mildberry team
  • Project Manager
    Anna Khokhlun
  • Strategy Director
    Alexey Poggenpol
  • Senior Strategist
    Andrey Inozemtsev
  • Creative director
    Igor Mospanov
  • Design Director
    Anastasia Igolnikova
  • Art directors
    Marina Dovbnya, Ivan Zherebin
  • Designers
    Marina Dovbnya, Ivan Zherebin, Elena Sharaeva