Shunkhlai is a multi-industrial holding in Mongolia, with its core business in import, transportation and sales of petrochemical products. Shunkhlai Group also consolidates a large amount of companies from various economic sectors: Skytel LLC telecom company, Media Group LLC, APU JSC alcohol and beverages manufacturer, SDEVELOPMENT LLC developer company, CAPITAL GROUP LLC financial group and others.

Growth dynamics and ambitious goals of Shunkhlai Group became the main reason to enhance the holding’s visual identity constants. The last ones were supposed to communicate the uniqueness and to establish a strong brand awareness of Shunkhlai.
The key element of a logo is a stylized image of an eagle, which symbolizes the core values of Shunkhlai: strength, farsightedness and a wide scope of activities. The second element represents a well-known mountain in Mongolia — Shunkhlai, which the company was named after. The style-creating graphics of a rising sun also became a unifying visual feature. A special symbol was also designed to identify the daughter companies of the holding as well. A renewed identity still keeps the traditional colors of Shunkhlai — orange and blue stressing the reliability, stability, dynamic growth and active position of the holding.

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