RUSSIA CREATES is a project by the Eventica Communications agency developed in conjunction with the Mildberry branding agency.


The global goal of Russia Creates is to create a unique community that would bring together the most prominent and gifted representatives of Russian business who can come up with and implement out-of-the-box ideas that change the world around them.


Russia Creates seeks to allow Russian companies to pitch their projects to new promising markets , meet with investors, talk to each other and share expertise with each other and become part of a thriving community that sets and drives global trends. The community will unite interesting personalities, owners and top managers of the most successful Russian companies as well as brand creators actively involved in the Russian market and also operating in the international market.


The value of talent and unique ideas increases with every passing day, especially in fast growing markets. This creates great potential for creative people and gifted entrepreneurs from all over the world, including from Russia.


Russians are known for their inventiveness and creativity, but a lot of people still see Russia as this grim unwelcoming place where people are too serious, too unfriendly and too hard to understand.


The Mildberry team developed the Russia Creates concept in which we turned the stereotypes about Russia on their head and demonstrated that Russian entrepreneurs and professionals are talented, open minded people with flexible out of the box thinking, and a great sense of humour and that they can inspire, surprise, create and offer highly original ideas that can completely change the world around them.

First conference
will take place
in Abu Dhabi

Clean, simple. Taking Russian stereotypes and giving them a creative twist! – was how Edward Cowell, the British co-founder of the project described the concept.


The first meeting of Russia Creates members will take place November 20-23 in Abu-Dhabi and will be attended by representatives of a broad range of professional areas: design, art, architecture, food industry, education, cyber sports, fashion, music, movies, advertising and branding, banking, media, IT and many others. This is going to be a three day multi-format conference with a business program from successful representatives of Russia business, featuring participation by representatives of government agencies and businesses from the Middle East and an immersion in creative thinking. We are confident that together we can not only bring the fresh Russian look on the creative industries but also change the negative stereotypes about Russians that exist in business and help solve global problems by creating projects that are import for the entire humanity.

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The project was developed by
Mildberry team
  • Project leader
    Oleg Beriev
  • Design Director
    Anastasia Igolnikova
  • Designer
    Elena Popova