Next generation of telecom: Rostelecom sales and service centres

Mildberry has created a concept for the new generation of sales and service centres of Rostelecom, one of the major players at Russian and European telecom markets.


The essential reason for retail environment redesign was a new strategy, which means a transformation of «Rostelecom — Retail systems» into a diversified and efficient service and sales centres retail net, as well as the enlargement of the company’s list of services and focus on own products sales rather than on subscription services. Additionally, home Internet and IP-technologies became priority services after the repositioning.


The role of brand offline retail space has dramatically changed after the emergence and development of online retail. The main advantage of redesigned centres is that consumers have an opportunity to acquire unique customer experience. This approach allows to increase the efficiency of retail space and to multiply the profitability of offices. It was proved, that customers, who test new services offline, are more engaged in a process and are more likely to make a purchase. Creating this very type of experience became one the essential goals of the project.

The new retail space of Rostelecom, developed by Mildberry, allows a customer to receive a memorable and homely experience while testing new services in a comfortable and cozy environment. For example, if we take home TV a demo-zone becomes the most significant component of the new concept. It features basic objects of home interior: a large and comfortable couch, a coffee table and a widescreen TV. The clients are invited to test each single product and service by themselves. For instance, testing the Interactive TV allows customer to surf through the channels, pause the live stream, re-watch it from the archive or to choose movies from «Videoshop».


Such testing makes the exploration of the service more catchy, allowing the client to feel the product and to be engage faster, and that is the essential goal of customer experience management.


The harmonious combination of home cozyness and contemporary technologies became the fundamental idea for Rostelecom retail environment, where a wide range of products and services for home and family are presented.


While developing the concept Mildberry explored different types of clients and tried to figure out how they move around the space and to map a customer journey of a priority group. Applying customer experience tools experts of the agency created a convenient and effective navigation.


The considerable attention is paid to interior details of a new service and sales centre. It makes the retail environment more comfortable and consumer-friendly: there are children zone, self-service zone, bag stands, charging sockets. The customers and staff are not separated by fencing, and it brings more confidence and openness into communication. Modern automatic quality control system supports the interaction with the clients, letting them evaluate and comment the quality of the performed service.


A brand wall became predominant in the retail space: Rostelecom manifesto is highlighted on it communicating the values of the company.


Within this project Mildberry created a retail environment concept and design, engineering and architectural solutions as well as a technical documentation kit to make the project easily implemented on different retail formats throughout the country.


The first new generation sales and service centre of Rostelecom was launched on February 5, 2016 and is located in a city of Kazan (38 Chistopolskaya str.).

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