Rinomaris package design: a breath of modernity

Nasal sprays are one of the most popular groups of medications sold in Russia. There are more than 50 companies offering nasal sprays in the Russian market, with the largest ones spending hundreds of millions of rubles per year on media promotion, and this spending is growing every year. Major brands continue to spend liberally on TV and internet advertising while customers continue to keep switching between brands sporadically, demonstrating little brand loyalty.


Having researched the modern market of nasal sprays in Russia, Jadran Galenskii Laboratories, the company which has been producing the Rinomaris nasal spray since 2013, has decided to revamp the concept and modernise the visual communication of its brand.


Mildberry team has developed a new package design concept for the brand, which aims to stress the effectiveness of the spray developed from medically beneficial natural ingredients found in the Adriatic Sea, without making the presentation come across as too ‘medical’. Our goal was to use visual identity for telling the customers about natural product, while making the box look modern and standing out on the shelf.

The idea was to call the customers’ attention to the medically beneficial natural ingredients of the product, while introducing visual elements into the package design that create an association with the larger and better known JGL nasal spray brand Aquamaris.


Another interesting task that we handled as part of this project was the development of a design concept for the package of Rinomaris spray for children. It was important to ensure that the product remained recognisable while emphasising that it was intended for children and was completely safe for them.

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