The design of a new line of deodorants for the new generation of consumers called Generation Z is named the most popular and most diversified in the history of humankind.


Generation Z refers to people born after the advent of the Internet, who therefore value individuality, freedom of thought and action and want their environment and the things they buy to adjust to their needs rather than the other way around. This new consumer attitude is making companies change their marketing strategies in order to adapt them to these new consumer realities.


The new line of products from Rexona, a brand owned by Unilever, was designed from the ground up specifically to take into account the needs of generation Z. The beauty products are a product category characterized by the fastest pace of change. Today care cosmetics have become a high involvement purchase, people do research to find out as much as possible not only about whether the products are healthy and offer the qualities they need but also to figure out how these products will allow them to self-identify as. Research by Viacom suggests that 8 out of 10 Generation Z respondents say that to them the definition of beauty revolves first and foremost around the notion of being yourself. Their trust in traditional advertising is waning and they are choosing instead to heed the advice of real people that they can relate to as they form their own opinion and attitude towards a particular product or brand. When it comes to brands they value authenticity, transparency and personal touch and are far more likely to test new offerings and choose products that offer the best fit for their lifestyle choices. Generation Z customers tend to go against the grain and never choose products that were their parents’ choices.


As we worked on the design for the new Rexona line we deliberately chose to steer clear of category codes and instead created a brand new image that best fits the new world and context of Generation Z. The new Rexona line looks modern and fresh and is reminiscent of a fashion accessory that you’d want to show off on social media rather than a traditional care product. It isn’t pretentious and doesn’t make big promises, rather it’s an easy to understand product that talks to the target audience in their language, thus becoming yet another attribute of the new generation’s lifestyle.

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