Mildberry has adapted the brand platform of REHAU for the Russian market. Additionally, we’ve expanded the communication strategy and created a positioning slogan for the company.
REHAU is a leading high-tech German company and an innovative polymer vendor. The company specialises in auto-vehicle parts production (for Volkswagen), in inner and outer engineering and industrial solutions and in window systems and furniture details.
REHAU is present in 5 continents and owns factories and offices in 54 countries around the globe. The company gains its main overall turnover (73%) in Europe from the construction sector (45% of the annual turnover).
In order to enter the Russian market REHAU had to generate a new brand communication concept relevant for each product category and each target audience: engineers, architects, designers and non-professionals. Additionally, Rehau expanded its brand communication strategy to the new categories of ‘Engineering systems’, ‘Window solutions’, ‘In-floor heating’ and ‘Furniture’.
REHAU has two key consumer groups: professional engineers and non-professionals. This fact became the essential starting point for us. Our experts researched the key consumers, explored insights and developed two different communication strategies for each target audiences and the way they should be reached. The rational side of a new message supported the idea that it is better to invest into the constructive elements of your home, to ensure it’s secure and comfortable rather than to waste money on decor. The emotional message contained a phrase ‘Primary thing at home’, which later on became a positioning slogan for REHAU.

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