Rebranding without prescription:
new packaging for Hexoral®

Today, Johnson & Johnson products are represented in 175 countries: the company owns sanitary-hygienic, medical and pharmaceutical brands, one of which is a line of broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiseptic products Hexoral®.


Hexoral® together with Mildberry carried out a complex renewal of the entire product line. Today, the brand’s portfolio includes four sore throat treatments available in two formats: aerosols and lozenges with different intensity of action.


Hexoral® is a non-prescription medicine, so it is especially important for the brand to stand out on the pharmacy shelf and in the catalogs of online pharmacies, providing sufficient information about the drug’s spectrum of action, its characteristics and method of use.


The main goal of the new design is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medicine and to convey the main advantages to the customer as accurately as possible, since the consumer makes the choice of an over-the-counter medicine by himself.

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