Lipton Nature Green: real honest tea

PepsiCo launched a unique product on the Russian market — Lipton Nature Green, the first iced tea brewed from natural tea leaves.


Mildberry developed comprehensive visual communication system underscoring the unique advantages of the new brand. A special symbol was created (a one-of-a-kind sign of quality for the consumer: a green brewing teapot on the label — a sign of new technology and a guarantee of genuine taste. A fresh tea leaf ‘flowing’ into a cup serves as the core communication image for Nature Green. This leaf speaks to the consumer about its natural ingredients and freshness while effectively uniting various Nature Green assortment positions on store shelves into one sole brand.


The fact that Mildberry was hired to work on the T-Fusions international iced tea brand designed first and foremost for the European market clearly sums up the work performed and demonstrates the Lipton Nature Green project was a true success..

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