Time for different food

Eating out is a phenomenon that is increasingly penetrating the culture of the world’s major cities. The high pace of life, long distances, and the habit of eating on the move are forming a new culinary landscape in megapolises.

Modern big cities residents are active, busy, enthusiastic people. They are often office workers who do not want to spend much of their time and money on everyday meals. Nevertheless, they pay high attention to the quality of their diet. The healthy lifestyle trend is forcing them to give up junk food and search for more balanced meals options when not home. This has ignited the development of the new “fast casual” segment.

Compared to the restaurants, the prices in “fast casual” venues are more democratic and the service is faster. Dishes there are more varied and natural. In recent years, competition among establishments of this format has increased manifold. Culinary shops, coffee points with a takeaway window, supermarkets with ready-to-eat meals, and food markets compete for the attention of the active urban audience.

New Prime

Prime is one of the first “fast casual” food operators to offer only natural products and dishes without the use of preservatives, food colorants, and flavor enhancers.

During its existence, Prime brand changed several times. Due to implementing changes in retail industry, different concepts existed simultaneously in the same space. This has blurred Prime’s image and positioning among increasingly active competitors. The brand lost consistency and was no longer relevant to the modern customer.

Mildberry solved two key tasks for Prime. Firstly, the team developed the idea and the positioning of the brand, emphasizing the freshness and naturalness of the food. Secondly, we designed a new image of the chain, making it more relevant and visible.

Fresh everyday

The new Prime concept is real food in the rhythm of a big city for the most demanding people. They value high quality of life and want to get the best things quickly, without compromise. Prime team is passionate about food and is obsessed with what they do. Every day Prime guarantees that all meals and drinks are prepared on the day of delivery only from natural and fresh ingredients, following strictly their original recipes.

Prime’s urban solutions are a convenient, natural, and cosmopolitan way to eat and snack at the rhythm of the global metropolis: pop in for a meal on the way or order using the app.

In a new tone

Natural and fresh easily becomes delicious and quick when passionate Prime professionals get behind it. To deliver the new brand concept, the verbal communication had to be reworked.

Prime’s new voice is open, ultimative, with a subtle and clever irony. It is a contemporary brand which communicates actively, responsibly and sincerely. The messages convey the specifics of the Prime format and the approach to food preparation on behalf of the team themselves.

Identity in the big city

Mildberry’s design team proposed Prime a transition from the previous image towards a more modern and concise style. It was decided to broadcast the positioning through the voice of the renewed brand, which influenced the development approach of the chain’s visual concept. Each corporate identity media has become a point of contact with Prime professionals.

The new identity is built on a strict minimalistic layout. The combination of variable fonts and light graphic elements create a more mature and urban image. The clean and harmonious color palette simplifies navigation and avoids visual noise on the shelf, which is especially important for the brand’s business audience.

See you fresh!

Prime has already started the active phase of rebranding: some of the establishments have opened in the updated format, and the newly designed identity media are presented in the majority of the chain’s outlets.

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