An impressive success of Unimilk became a persuasive illustration of an efficient investment into national brands (Prostokvashino, Tyoma and Bio Balance). While Danone and Unimilk finalized the merger, Andrey Beskhmelnitsky, the founder of Unimilk, planned a new break through in dairy industry. This time the entrepreneur focused on Latvia: in 2011 he consolidated the production capacities of several Latvian factories and created the Food Union company.


Mildberry joined the project of Andrey Beskhmelnitsky as a long-term partner, but on a whole new level. Oleg Beriev, Managing partner of Mildberry, entered the Food Union Board of directors as a leading strategic marketing expert. Mildberry team has been supporting Food Union since the very first day taking part in developing brand market policy and marketing activities.

In a year the leaders of an ambitious project raised the production capacity and upgraded manufacturing proccess to the EU standards and 9 brands were brought to market (Rasa, Nü, Ekselence and others), placing Food Union at the top of Latvian dairy industry.

Initially, Latvia was assumed to be the only sales market. The country has a tremendous potential for running dairy business. Therefore, Food Union founders were determined to repeat the success of Unimilk, and to establish a brand new company, which such values as innovation, creativity and corporate social responsibility.

The collaboration of Mildberry and Food Union is a unique example of integrated approach to branding, when two teams nurture ideas together. That’s how flagship brands were created: Nü, Ekselence and Legendy Gor.


The results support the statement: in 2014 Food Union annual turnover reached 125 mln Euro. Today the company is a distinguished milk refiner and the leader of the ice-cream market Baltic states. In summer 2015 Food Union entered China market with Ekselence, the premium ice-cream brand. The products were sold in pop-up stores created according to Mildberry designed concept.

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