Piala Gold in a new design

The redesign of the ‘Piala’ tea is not the first joint project between Mildberry and RG Brands, the leading producer of foods and beverages in Kazakhstan, where tea is traditionally popular amongst all groups and holds a special place in the Kazakh culture. Piala exists since 2002 and it’s one of the top brands in the mass market. In order to stay at the top, however, Piala needed to update its visual representation.


The Mildberry team developed an updated design system for all of the product range of hot and cold teas, which allowed to emphasise the historic tradition of the brand and to strengthen the communication of the product quality. Behind the design lied silhouette graphic, which reveals the hallmarks of flavours and the origin of each type of tea. The traditional design architecture and bright ‘tea coding’ made the product more appropriate and fitting for different age groups.

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