For the international pharmaceutical company Jadran, the Mildberry team developed the design of an innovative ointment, the Perfectoin cream. An innovative formula based on ectoine combats dry skin and symptoms of flaking. The product is designed for the widest possible audience — from mothers of newborns to the elderly. For the visual concept of the brand, it was important to consider an audience open to new, innovative products.


Ectoin is a completely natural component that is obtained from microorganisms living in extremely adverse environmental conditions (geysers, salt lakes, deserts). It is synthesized by microorganisms to protect cells from damaging environmental conditions. The design solution is based on the visual interpretation of the active substance, which has the ability to retain a large number of water molecules around itself, which forms a type of “ectoine-hydrocomplex” on the surface of the skin.


Perfectoin is already actively distributed at the federal level in pharmacy chains and online pharmacies. More information about the brand is available here :

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