PEEKABOO is a new children’s footwear retail brand, which is continuing a series of projects implemented by Mildberry for the Kazakhstan company called Global Beauty. The main idea of the projects is to launch contemporary retail brands with a well-thought out ideology and comprehensive identity onto the Kazakhstan and other CIS countries’ markets. Currently, traditional retail trade, including markets and small non-chain stores, is going quite strong in many CIS states. In these countries there aren’t many contemporary retail brands while at the same time specially conducted research has shown that consumers are not only ready for new retail trade standards, but also they are looking for more modern and comfortable stores with a well-thought out assortment.

Marketing research and work with the target audience made Mildberry understand the most important qualities necessary for a brand. Our consultancy developed a brand platform, its name, and visual identity, interior design, and trade equipment and navigation elements accordingly. Also, we worked hand-and-hand with Niko Engineering to provide a full package of engineering documentation. Today Mildberry is continuing to work on adapting this for CIS states.


The name “PEEKABOO” was an effective solution to the task of creating a catchy brand with a European touch and having potential for promotion in a few CIS countries. PEEKABOO isn’t the simplest of words, it’s a bit abstract, but it’s resonant three syllables and double vowels open up endless opportunities for a children’s brand: for games, poems and visualisation. This is exactly why it was chosen from tens of options with slightly more catchy names.

The visual embodiment of this name — the PEEKABOO logotype — is a millipede closely linked with footwear in general and reflects a child’s worldview. The millipede became not only the graphic symbol, but it also is a live character. It smoothly fits into the interiors in the form of uniquely designed couches, which became a real hub where store visitors gravitate towards.

Thanks to this image, in addition to meticulous work with fonts and colour customers feel like they have stepped into a playroom when they enter PEEKABOO stores.
There are certain complications involved when launching a full-fledged brand on a market which isn’t quite used to contemporary marketing communication standards: on the one hand there aren’t many strong competitors, but on the other it is difficult to be confident that these new standards will be accepted immediately. Nevertheless, the opening of the first store in Aktobe, Kazakhstan exceeded our wildest expectations. Its consumer success turned out to be instant and unconditional.
The bright, fresh and playful style of the new retail chain immediately drew the attention of consumers while becoming one of the ‘anchors’ in Kazakhstan shopping malls. It successfully grew in advertising and packaging while always remaining recognisable. With each passing day more and more PEEKABOO stores are opening up in all the country’s large cities.

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