ORGANICESCAPE is an investment project whose goal is to attract a limited amount of investors to creating and supporting infrastructure capable of guaranteeing the unique eco balance of the Northern Baikal region. Baikal is one of the treasures of our planet. It is in league of its own in terms of age, amount and traits of its freshwater, variety of natural landscapes, flora and fauna.


Mildberry developed both concept and name of the project, while additionally coming up with the key identity elements and set of presentation materials. While creating the ORGANICESCAPE visual image it was important to find a balance between the rough Baikal nature and modern graphic and technological techniques allowing one to create a premium and attractive style for an investment project. The use of natural materials including leather, silver and rare kinds of paper allowed us to achieve the desired result.


In 2009 the design created by Mildberry for ORGANICESCAPE received the prestigious international RED DOT AWARD.

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