Ontex: for baltic region with love

Collaboration between Mildberry and Ontex, a leading global producer of personal hygiene products, began in 2016 with the project to create the diaper brand Little Times exclusively for the Russian hypermarket chain Lenta. After a successful brand launch, the company continued to develop its partnership with Mildberry and its in-house brand portfolio not only in Russia, but in European markets too. Loving Touch is yet another joint project between Mildberry and Ontex, but this time around for the Baltic Region market.


Loving Touch is a Latvian diaper brand for the mid-price segment owned by Ontex and Rimi Baltic. During the fierce competition among key market players in 2016, consumers began to lose interest in Loving Touch products and in-house brands at large. In 2017 sales continued to decline. A wide-scale study, conducted in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, showed that it was possible to increase interest in the chain’s in-house brands by overcoming consumer barriers. One of the most wide-spread barriers is the lack of trust in the quality of in-house brand products, especially in the children’s goods segment, as safety remains of paramount concern.


Ontex and Rimi made a decision to re-launch the brand Loving Touch and to completely renew its image. The main goal was to improve the brand’s communication strategy with an emphasis on quality and to increase consumer trust in the brand. Mildberry was tasked with changing customer perceptions of Loving Touch from a store’s in-house brand that “did not elicit consumer trust” to a fully-fledged brand that resonates with the core values of the target audience and has functional features which equal those of the leaders in this category.


A complete renewal of brand identity and packaging design were the tools used to achieve this aim. Not only did the new design need to reflect the brand’s core values of high quality and tender emotions, but also to serve an easily understandable guide to the entire product range.


The logo developed by our team has become a key element of the new brand identity. It conveys a warm relationship between a mother and child, which helped us create an accurate emotional image of the product. It was important for us to raise customer awareness of key characteristics, and innovation and safety features of our products. Hence, we used every available surface of our packaging to intuitively tell a story about quality and performance characteristics of each Loving Touch product.

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