New brand launch: package design for Meladrim®

Unipharm is a private pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and sale of high-quality medicines and dietary supplements. Today, vitamin-mineral complexes and medicines from Unipharm are bought by millions of consumers around the world.

Over the course of its thirty-year history, the corporation has become one of the leaders in the international OTC market, constantly improving existing products and introducing new brands in accordance with global trends. One of the key trends in the pharmaceutical industry is a personal human-centered approach and demonstrating care for the health and comfort of the client through all points of contact, including packaging. Brands that produce medicines focus not only on the functions of the product, but try to find common ground and common mood with the consumer — to make the packaging design attractive, informative and understandable.

Unipharm has launched a new brand, Meladrim® in the category of melatonin-based products for the treatment of sleep disorders.

Meladrim®, a sleep correction product for adults, is available in an affordable price range and is sold without a prescription. The Mildberry team has helped develop the primary and secondary package design (cardboard pack and blister).

The task of the new packaging is to reflect the image of the product and convey the medical component, while creating emotional associations with calmness and relaxation.

In addition, the design was supposed to make the product stand out on the pharmacy shelf among similar ones, like branded generics from other pharmaceutical companies.

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