The development of an innovative repellent brand

As part of a complex project, Mildberry team developed an innovative repellent brand Nettrix.

The market situation

According to the global trend for more responsible consumption and environmental responsibility, expectations and requirements for FMCG manufacturers are changing. A growing demand for natural and safe products with transparent origin is observed in the category of insect repellents. Today’s consumer expects repellents to be highly effective with maximum transparency of composition and absence of harm to health.

At the beginning of the project for the development of a new brand, we noticed that the semantic context of the competitive environment was formed on the basic advantages and functionality in the category of repellents, without a distinct product and communication differentiation of brands. The lack of obvious differences is compensated by emotional tactical promotion with the help of advertising tools. There are memorable category slogans, videos about the use of the products (trips to the countryside or vacation with the family). Brands neither convey the uniqueness of their formulations nor disclose information about the active ingredients through accessible graphics and clear branding.

However, the modern audience has a high demand for manufacturers’ honesty and chooses proven solutions, as in the cosmeceuticals (pharmacy cosmetics) category. Mildberry team identified the potential in creating a special laboratory repellent brand that would commit to this idea on both product and value levels.

Balanced formulas

The brand strategy is based on the idea of a scientific balance between effectiveness and safety. Nettrix is a new generation of repellents developed together with a European laboratory.

Balanced formulas of the products combine effective ingredients with additional natural ingredients that not only give the products a unobtrusive aroma , but also increase the level of protection. The brand name is a neologism that emphasizes the modern scientific image of the brand through the innovative sound and the English word “net” at the root of the name.

Science of design

The visual concept embodies the scientific idea of Nettrix. The unified design approach emphasizes the transparent composition of the brand’s products with the indication of the active ingredient – the components and their percentage are always shown on the front side. The identity is based on the codes of laboratory cosmetics and techniques that are typical for pharmacy products: light graphics, technological fonts, the strict structure of all elements and a strict hierarchy of each level of messages.

Within the framework of this complex project, Mildberry team developed a strategic brand platform, name and slogan. Moreover, key recommendations for the product portfolio and the architecture of the product line were suggested and developed.

Nettrix formulas are differentiated by IRPI (Insect Repellent Protection Index) – an indicator was specially developed and implemented in the packaging design. The line consists of three types of products: Soft (delicate products approved for children from 1+ years old), Universal (versatile formulas for outdoor and home use), and Intensive (maximum protection for extreme conditions).

Mildberry team also developed an original shape of the fumigator. It was important to take into account not only aesthetic and ergonomic parameters, but also the key technological features of the product.

Nettrix has already been awarded the international prize “Voted Product of the Year 2021” in the category “New Generation of Repellents” in the nomination “For unique development and innovative composition including the most advanced active ingredients”.

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