Magic of theatre in the new festive Lipton tea collection

Unilever together with Mildberry have created a new limited edition Lipton Tea collection. We were faced with the task of finding a special yet simple idea, which could unite all products of the series, give the packaging a festive look and turn it into a universal gift.


The concept idea was inspired by theatre. Theatre is always associated with something special, festive, exciting and ceremonial. Magic, which shrouds everything that happens, makes you forget about everyday affairs and enjoy the indescribable, enchanting atmosphere. This is how the name “Stage Magic” came to be. Different packaging formats illustrate various theatrical genres: symphony concert, ballet, opera, masquerade ball, which are represented by the most famous productions in the world, such as Swan Lake, Carmen, The Nutcracker and others.


All packaging designs use complex ornamental graphics, which continue from the previous limited editions of the brand. The silhouette of every character is made up of tiny elements that are associated both with the product itself — the tea, and with the atmosphere of celebration and theatre.

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