The coffee market is actively developing. The instant drink remains the most popular in Russia, however, over the past few years, there has been an increase in consumer interest in grain and ground coffee. This is reflected in the trends of the entire category, including in the instant coffee segment, where the main competition revolves around the most popular type of product – freeze-dried coffee. Large companies are introducing product innovations, such as “ground coffee in instant coffee”.


The Food Empire company, which owns the MacCoffee brand, has decided to launch the sub-brand MacCoffee Aromio for a new product in its portfolio – coffee prepared using the ground-in-instant technology. MacCoffee Aromio should become a special, premium product in the brand line and bring the drink closer to natural ground coffee. The Mildberry team was responsible for developing the visual concept of the new sub brand.


We were faced with the task of creating a classic, integral visual image that conveys the essence of the product – the combination of two types of coffee, and also distinguishes it from the MacCoffee line, as well as from competitive offers.


The visual elements of the packaging design emphasize the special production technology that allows to preserve the natural coffee’s rich taste and aroma and the style of the handwritten stroke emphasizes the special value and exclusivity of the new MacCoffee Aromio.

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