The segment of own brand products by supermarket chains is rapidly increasing, but the low price isn’t always enough to compete with already established standalone brand, which are known to consumers. Especially this is true for those products that people tend not to save on – such as products for kids.


European leader in production of hygiene products Ontex partnered with Mildberry on a project for the supermarket chain Lenta to develop and launch own baby diaper brand.


Consumer behaviour in regard to hygiene products for kids differs in its sensitivity to the product quality and the important of the brand’s trust. Thus, consumers tend to choose well known European brands. Our market analysis together with customer analysis showed the most promising segment positioning, which is not used by anyone else in the market — “moments of closeness between a mother and her child”. This allowed to form an expert yet emotional and close brand-assistant: it helps mothers interact with their child in an open and kind way, as well as provides a safe and reliable care of the child’s health and comfort. The name ‘Little times’, also developed by Mildberry, additionally highlights the importance of moments spent with a baby.


Moreover, Mildberry thought out the communication strategy of the brand, as well as developed unique informative content for displaying on the supermarket’s resource portals. In conditions of communication limitations, the packaging became the main communication tool between the brand and the consumer. Therefore, the design included not only the information about the product, but also emotional messages in the form of advices on having a balanced relationship with a child. The visual hallmark of the packaging became uncharacteristic for this category image of a mother with her child, which unwraps the pleasant moments of their everyday communication.

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