Kracks, a brand owned by Food Empire, has been presented in the Russian market since 2003. For a long time the brand demonstrated sustained growth, including thanks to offering competitive prices. In 2014 as prices began rising across the board serious changes occurred in the snacks segment, which necessitated updating the brand and putting more effort into communicating product quality to the market in order to attract more adult audiences with higher incomes. The company decided to redesigned the brand in order to give it a more modern appearance while ensuring that it remains recognisable.


The New City Kings concept that we’ve developed makes Kracks a positive brand icon for modern urbanites and moves the brand from teenager territory and into the urban style land that is more relevant for the new adult target audience.


Brand manager Donara Oganesyan talks about the results of the brand redesign: “we’ve rebooted Kracks and the target audience had a very good response to it. The brand’s become more mature, more modern and it’s now grown out of the teenager segment. We also launched the 360 advertising campaign (OHH, Digital) in support of the redesign. Now our plans include raising brand awareness and sales as well as expanding distribution. For the time being Kracks is only present in the potato chips segment but in the future we’re thinking we might be interested in expanding our product line under the umbrella brand, using our potato chips as the locomotive for new products.

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