KAMA tyres have been manufactured by several companies, which are part of PJSC TATNEFT, since 1967. Today, it is the most popular domestic tyre brand in Russia. KAMA is the first Russian brand of tires used for OE deliveries for such brands of vehicles as Fiat, Skoda and Volkswagen


Due to the technological development in production capacity, as well as achieving the next level of product quality and competition, it was decided to create a single corporate brand that will unite all enterprises within the tyre group.


“The new phase of development has started in March 2018 – companies of the tyre business of PJSC TATNEFT united under a single corporate brand KAMA TYRES”, – the official company website states.


“KAMA TYRES has a rich history behind it: 50 years ago, the first factory started its development and it only took 5 years for it to be fully built and manufacture the first product. And after another five years, the truck tyre plant was opened. In time, more and more factories were built. Historically, all of our enterprises operated under different brands, had different positioning, yet they all existed in the same production site – in the city of Nizhnekamsk. One of the steps of reaching the strategic goal of increasing the market value was the creation of the unified corporate brand KAMA TYRES. For us, this meant not only changes in positioning, but also changes in our strategic goals in development”, – Andrey Bouton, deputy director of marketing of Trading House KAMA.


After winning the tender organized by PJSC TATNEFT, Mildberry became a partner to aid in completing this task.


Mildberry specialists conducted an analysis into the general practices of constructing corporate and consumer tyre brands both in domestic and international markets. Using the results gathered from this research, the brand positioning, brand platform, and brand architecture were developed.


The brand architecture united all parts of the business together with a single meaning and visual core, yet allowed to identify each component through the proposed verbal extensions.


The essence of the updated positioning is unraveled in the slogan “Expertise. Progress. Leadership”, which is present in all company communication materials.


Moreover, the Mildberry team developed a complex system of visual brand identity that reflects the updated positioning, keeping the brand’s continuity and recognition on the market.

An important part of the project was the work done on the brand communication strategy that describes the target audiences, the key and additional messages, the tone of communication, and the potential communication channels for both B2C and B2B audiences.


In August during an international exhibition in Cologne, KAMA TYRES announced and showcased KAPA PRO – a next generation of tyres with improved composition of rubber compounds and a new technological approach.


“The exhibition was quite successful for us: a lot of potential buyers took interest in our stand and in our products. There was a high interest in tyres by KAMA TYRES – a lot of preorders were made. Moreover, we had quite a few successful meetings, as a result of which we came in certain agreements with our future partners” – Ilya Gobarchev, Act. Executive Officer of Trading House KAMA.


Today KAMA TYRES take up 19% of the whole Russian tyre market, including more than 370 tyre products, and it’s is being exported to 48 countries.


The whole Mildberry team congratulate KAMA TYRES with the global update.


Thank you KAMA TYRES for providing us with photos.

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