Two years ago Mildberry developed the brand’s visual identity, the shape of the bottle, and the label design of the Kabarga Premium Vodka for the markets of Kazakhstan and Russia, and now it is finally on sale! Kazakh roots, authentic symbols, naturalness, and traditions became the foundation of the brand. Today, consumers are increasingly turning to authenticity as an alternative to the excessive technocracy of the modern world, in the search for new meanings and true values.


The national Kazakh flavour, legends and traditions have been combined in the brand design. The musk deer (Kabarga) is a symbol of pure pristine nature – a graceful, free, unusual and independent animal – like the totem spirit of forests, mountains and rivers of Kazakhstan. It reminds us of the beauty and grandeur of the wildlife, and of our common origin. This is the spirit of the Kabarga vodka, made from pure artesian water.


The unity of man and nature, the stylised image of a musk deer resembles a cave painting or a totem ornament from those distant times when a man was part of the wildlife, lived in harmony with it, and worshipped its powers. The wildlife still attracts us, gives a sense of freedom, and allows us to be ourselves. Kabarga is the wildlife message and a reminder of it.

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