Russkaya Akvakultura is the largest industrial producer of Atlantic salmon and sea trout in Russia. The company breeds fish in the Barents Sea, working with federal retail chains, the HoReCa segment and processors. The company has plans to expand to Asia.


Russkaya Akvakultura partnered with Mildberry to achieve an ambitious goal: to create the first holistic chilled red fish brand.

The Fresh Opportunity

Since the introduction of the food embargo in 2014, the Russian fresh fish market has undergone significant changes. The ban on imports from Europe led to the withdrawal of Norwegian players from the market, and the decline in the purchasing power of the rouble drove up the prices. The country’s own industry and manufacturing base turned out to be underdeveloped, and the high cost remains a serious barrier to consumption.


Historically, there have been no brands in the chilled red fish category. Trout and salmon are premium varieties of fish, but fresh fish cannot be promoted with packaging design: this product sells as whole fishes. There is no pronounced competition from manufacturers on the refrigerated shelf, and the value of the product is insufficiently communicated. The consumer has a tangible price barrier to deal with but no markers to guide them and no reason to choose one fish over another.


Fresh fish is not yet branded in Russia, but there are some successful cases in developed markets: large foreign manufacturers expand their portfolio with branded products, paying attention to omnichannel communication. Foreign players develop brands in the chilled category. They talk about their farms and their production cycle in new media. They brand products using boxes and individual packages. They launch new formats of fresh snacks. The potential for creating a full-fledged product brand became evident. The brand could become successful among HoReCa, processors and in mass retail.

The new INARCTICA brand was launched in a market free from competitors. The brand stands alone not just as a guarantee of product quality but also as a leader that carries the brunt of promotion and development for the entire category of chilled trout and salmon.


The level of product awareness among consumers is rather low at the moment. Low awareness breeds stereotypes that impede the growth of trust in aquaculture in general. The INARCTICA brand opens up new opportunities for us to get to know our consumers and inform them about the features and benefits of our product, thereby promoting the category of chilled red fish on the market and building trusting relationships with the domestic manufacturers

Konstantin Klinov
Commercial Director
of Russkaya Akvakultura company

(lat. Truth in Freshness)

Advantages of the product have been refined into a consolidated concept—the ARCTIC ULTRA FRESH standard. The standard stands for purity of origin, freshness of the product and fast delivery. INARCTICA farms are located in a natural location in the Barents Sea, where the harsh Arctic climate creates ideal conditions for salmon and trout farming.


The company possesses exceptional manufacturing expertise and applies international experience and modern technologies in its practices. INARCTICA ensures transparency of the manufacturing process with cameras installed on its farms. The company guarantees the freshness of products upon delivery to restaurants and retail chains.


A modern logistics system allows the company to deliver chilled fish very expediently: 48 hours to St. Petersburg, 72 hours to Moscow and just 5 hours to Krasnoyarsk. Transparent processes and delivery are a guarantee of top quality. They are the cornerstone of trust for the manufacturer’s brand.

About the people who dedicate their lives
to the North

INARCTICA is a brand with a Nordic character: it is resilient and true to itself. Its people are fascinated with the Arctic and the Arctic nature. They are brave, strong and brimming with enthusiasm. They are ready to share their knowledge about the North and its riches.


Mildberry was tasked with developing a complete verbal and visual identity for the brand. This identity has to have ties to the company’s ambitions in both Russian and Asian markets. The agency’s team was inspired by the Arctic, its harsh endless expanses and its purity. The visual system for INARCTICA was built on universal and powerful natural images. It was designed as a convenient tool for business development across all communication channels that can communicate the key benefits of the brand.


In addition to the brand strategy, name, design system and key messages for INARCTICA, our team has developed an omnichannel communication platform with brand promotion mechanics for a leader in the chilled fish category. The Mildberry team also helped its client to develop and launch a brand image website that talks about the details of the salmon’s Arctic origin, the logistics infrastructure and the ULTRAFRESH standard. A social media content frame for further development by the client’s team was also outlined within the framework of this partnership.


The launch of our own INARCTICA brand is an important step towards the implementation of the Company’s strategy. This new brand will enable us to qualitatively differentiate our products among other aquaculture suppliers on the market. We will also be able to set and communicate new quality standards.

Ilya Gennadievich Sosnov
CEO of Russkaya Akvakultura

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The project was developed by
Inarctica team
  • CEO
    Sosnov Ilya
  • Brand Manager
    Maria Gumenyuk
Mildberry team
  • Project leaders
    Oleg Beriev, Anna Khokhlun
  • Strategy Director
    Alexey Poggenpol
  • Senior Strategist
    Sergei Martusevich
  • Strategist
    Natasha Rezvanova
  • Creative director
    Igor Mospanov
  • Design director
    Anastasia Igolnikova
  • Designers
    Anastasia Igolnikova, Alexei Sinkin, Elena Popova, Ksenia Zaynasheva