The Hoff project started with an Austrian chain brand of furniture and household KIKA product supermarkets, which was well known in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Israel. The unique business-model encompassing the supply of quality furniture and household products from numerous companies emerged a few years ago in Russia and has made quite a name for itself. However, in terms of Russian consumers the clunky name (KIKA) and the visual style, inappropriate for its positioning, made it difficult for the brand to develop on our market. Additionally, the brand offering products of a higher quality and that were priced more than IKEA’s analogues sounded and looked cheaper. We were asked to develop a new brand, which would not contain those problems and could be effectively applied to the currently existing business model.

In addition, given stores under this brand were planned to be opened in the same spaces where KIKA supermarkets operated before that it was necessary to ensure there was a link with the previous brand so that consumers could easily adapt to the new name and style while maintaining their brand loyalty.


We started the project by determining the brand’s strategy, making its positioning more precise and developing a name. The new Hoff name was selected for the new brand as most precisely corresponding to the approved concept and perception of the Russian consumer. Although being a neologism the name communicates the European quality, sounds confident and very German. During the following stages we offered and developed a set of linked solutions including absolutely new visual identity, a large list of special solutions for marketing materials in addition to space and constructive solutions for supermarkets.

The key identity element is the exclamation sign, which is not only a meaningful part of the logo, but is also actively used in all the brand’s communications.


We ensured the continuity with the previous brand by preserving the scarlet colour, which is used much more actively, and adding the brand emotional comfort and warmth.


The developed solutions allowed us to quickly and effectively rebrand the current chain of supermarkets and commence its further development. The outcome of implementing was highly appraised not only by the brand owners, but also by Hoff employees. They started considering themselves as being part of the brand and perceive it as being more substantial and significant, while their work in the company seemed more prestigious. Consumers have similar feelings. Initially the KIKA brand wasn’t taken seriously and its European roots were doubted, but the new Hoff brand looks more reliable and European. The chain continues to develop and grow while new supermarkets are opening up under the Hoff brand.

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