In 2003 Glavspirttrest launches a new vodka called Zelenaya Marka (Green Mark) in the most competitive price segment (average cost of 90-100 roubles (roughly 3 dollars) per 0.5 l). By 2006 Zelenaya Marka becomes the most widely sold vodka in Russia. The no-frills shape of the bottle, its characteristic label design and typography are a throwback to the 40’s and 50’s of the Soviet period and make Zelenaya Marka a collective image of everything ‘Soviet’ and ‘nostalgic’, but at the same time it’s void of a ‘souvenir-like quality’ and remains ‘apolitical’.

Despite this success by 2006 the brand needed an upgrade and Mildberry is entrusted to perform this task. Eventually, the whole Zelenaya Marka line is presented in a new design corresponding to the brand’s new ambitions and values. Additionally, we developed a whole series of solutions and recommendations, which allowed for the effective promotion of Zelenaya Marka not only on the Russian market, but also abroad.

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