Gazpromneft. Full-throttle towards consumer

In 2005 Gazprom purchased Sibneft and renamed it into Gazprom Neft. Numerous petrol stations, diverse in terms of their format, equipment and service standards, were to convert into a unified brand.
Developing a brand for Gazprom Neft became one of the most aspiring and impressive projects accomplished by Mildberry. First of all, the the agency was to create a unified brand for the Gazprom Neft. Secondly, the main global brand, Gazprom, and its daughter brand, Gazprom Neft, were meant to have their visual identities interrelated, considering JSC Gazprom Neft’s strategic goals. In 3 years Gazprom was going to flood 14 of Russian regions with the petrolstations and to expand to the Eastern Europe.

First, a logotype with the descriptor ‘neft’ (oil) was designed. Bright, distinguishable and convenient in terms of use.Then a vivid, significant and style-creating element (supergraphics) — forks of flame followed. It became the symbol of the new retail brand for petrol station chain. Gazprom Neft obtained an individual, attractive, eye-catching and consumer-friendly style, which supported Gazprom’s overall visual character. Active and rhythmic composition is associated with positive energy, development, leadership and power.
Mildberry (in partnership with Minale Masterbrand) developed numerous architectural, constructive and technological solutions which made the brand even more unique, functional and visually attractive.

The bright and recognizable brand style was applied to a wide range of materials including advertising materials, souvenirs, the personnel’s uniform, pictograms, company transport, etc.
Mildberry was of a great assistance in promoting Gazprom Neft in Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia: the agency adapted the brand to the local specifics of countries. Besides, Mildberry conducted author’s supervision service for every construction and communication of each level and organizes personnel trainings and seminars. Today Gazprom Neft possess about 1800 stations all around Russia, CIS and Europe.

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