Representatives of the younger generation express their individuality not only through clothes and accessories, but also through makeup, hair styling, and even their hair color. Hair products market is highly consolidated. Major international brands occupy most of the shelf. However, Millennials and Zoomers are increasingly choosing offbeat brands in search of original style.


GIS is a new hair care brand with a line of styling products with safe and innovative formulas for the youth.

Mildberry solved the task of creating the visual identity of GIS: the team developed the logo, packaging design concept, and brand book for further product range expansion.

GIS provides universal goods for active teenagers and young women and men between 15 and 30 years old, who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd with a bold style or unusual hair color. The reliability of the products and the desire for bright experiments are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy: a variety of textures for the most unconventional transformations.

The layout and the choice of color palette in the visual concept of GIS digress from the usual strict rules. Each SKU combines rich contrasting shades and a large dynamic logo – the arrangement of letters and elements can be modified from pack to pack. The product line can be significantly expanded with new items due to the great variability of corporate and complementary colors combinations. The paint spray effect, inspired by street art, makes GIS stand out on the shelf and creates an image of a bold and modern brand that is relevant to a young target audience.

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