A flagship pop-up store of Latvian ice cream Ekselence brand was opened on August 28 this year, in Shanghai, in New World Dai Maru shopping mall. This event was supported by Shanghai government and by Bright Food (Group), the biggest Chinese food holding. Flagship store concept developed by Mildberry has become the first stage of the large scale project on the China market for Food Union company, one of the leading food producer in the Baltics.


Food Union is a unique client for Mildberry. Taking part in the development of the company’s brands, the agency is also involved in the development and implementation of local and global marketing strategies of Food Union. Now Mildberry has followed the company to explore a new, competitive and complicated market of China. And Ekselence is just a beginning of the ambitious project both for Food Union and Mildberry.


Mildberry is building up a full service and multi-purpose team in Shanghai, and besides essential branding services will be developing its new competences. The broadened range of services will help agency in developing integrated marketing projects with due regard for the specifics of China market.

Food Union is one of the biggest dairy companies and one of the leading food and beverages producers in Latvia, being also a leading ice cream manufacturer in the Baltics. Today Food Union brand unites two largest dairy plants — АО Rīgas piena kombināts and АО Valmieras piens — with АО Premia Foods, the biggest ice cream maker in Estonia. In May 2015 Food Union made its first Ekselence ice cream delivery to Shanghai and became the first Latvian dairy importer to China. In August 2015, the sales of Ekselence ice cream started in Shanghai premium stores: City Super, City Shop and Ole.
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