Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing healthcare segments in the world.


The comprehensive brand developed by Mildberry for telemedicine services allows people to take charge of their health without leaving their home.


An important element in the platform for the brand and for the positioning of the company was the segmentation of the target audience and their needs. We profiled our target audience based on psychological and demographic characteristics to better understand their motivation and their moment of need. A key service of the project is online consultations through a mobile applications or a website to minimize face to face visits with doctors or clinics. The main point of entry into our healthcare system is the general practitioner who either prescribes treatment on their own or consults with specialist doctors from leading medical centers. Remote medical consultations, an information portal where you get expert opinion, a personal GP that helps you plan preventive measures: all of these are services that we offer to meet all the demands of our target audience. The main advantage over the existing players in the telemedicine in Russia is that we offer a comprehensive approach.


When developing the name and visual concept of the brand we had to find a balance between approachability and expertise. Since the service is unambiguously a healthcare service it allowed us to aim for a very clean streamlined interface that easily gains trust with all the groups of our target audience. The brand has a friendly and very humanistic character and in addition it offer some lifestyle content that encourages users to use our service more often (and not only when they feel ill) while also promoting brand loyalty through emotional engagement with the customer.


The strategic goal of the company is to make healthcare services more accessible to large audiences of people, offering them a convenient tool for taking care of their own health and sorting out medical issues regardless of where they might live.


After a year on the market, the Doctis medical portal got 250 million rubles in investments from the Russian Fund of Direct Investments and launched Russia’s first ever virtual clinic.

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